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Capilano Volkswagen New Specials in North Vancouver and across British Columbia


Your Capilano Volkswagen dealer has the right VW model to suit your exceptional lifestyle in BC! So whether you're looking to buy, sell, lease or trade, North Vancouver Volkswagen has all the best offers and incentives. Connect with us to book an appointment.


Capilano Volkswagen has all the New Volkswagens in British Columbia and across North Vancouver


Visit our British Columbia Volkswagen Showroom and find the correct Volkswagen vehicle that fits your needs. We have compact cars, compact sedans, luxury sedans, mid-sized SUV's and luxury SUV's. Why not coming in for a Capilano Volkswagen test drive in British Columbia?

Capilano Volkswagen Pre-owned and Used Specials in British Columbia and across North Vancouver


Has the Volkswagen you've fallen for been around the block? We're very proud of that. And we want the feeling to last. Every

Das WeltAuto pre-owned vehicle in British Columbia is inspected by our highly skilled Volkswagen technicians in North Vancouver.


Capilano Volkswagen has the New 2016 Volkswagen Offers And Specials in British Columbia and across North Vancouver

View our special Capilano Volkswagen offers in British Columbia: you can own a 2016 Volkswagen Jetta, a 2016 Volkswagen Passat or a 2016 Tiguan with great leasing and financing offers for up to 84 months, in North Vancouver, British Columbia.


Capilano Volkswagen Certified Pre-owned Volkswagens in North Vancouver, British Columbia


It's smart to own a North Shore VW, whether it's new or used. Our new VW CPO program includes vehicles up to 7 years old (and a maximum of 160,000 km), which means that you've got an even wider selection of certified used North Vancouver Volkswagens to choose from.


Request a Capilano Volkswagen Test Drive in North Vancouver and across British Columbia



Looking for a new car or SUV in British Columbia? Request a VW test drive in our Capilano Volkswagens and find that ideal vehicle that fits your lifestyle in North Vancouver and across British Columbia.

Capilano Volkswagen Is Your Quality Service and Maintenance Provider in British Columbia and across North Vancouver

Capilano Volkswagen is a full VW service and VW parts operation in British Columbia. We are your source for Volkswagen services, Volkswagen parts, and Volkswagen Sport Accessories, Volkswagen alloy rims and more in North Vancouver.



Capilano Volkswagen has your Quality Volkswagen Service Offers in North Vancouver, British Columbia


A little Capilano Volkswagen maintenance goes a long way in British Columbia. Check out our recommended maintenance services that provide useful information and tips so you can continue to enjoy your Volkswagen for years to come in North Vancouver.



Learn more about the Capilano Volkswagen Specialists That Take Care Of Your Volkswagen in North Vancouver, British Columbia


Meet our Volkswagen specialists that have been servicing British Columbia VWs. Our sales specialists, our Volkswagen technicians and service and parts consultants are here to help you correct any issues and maintain your Volkswagen in a like-new condition in British Columbia.

View the 2016 Capilano Volkswagen Golf GTI in North Vancouver, British Columbia

2016 Capilano Volkswagen

Golf GTI

We pulled out all the stops on this GTI. With its sporty performance and tight handling, you'll be hard pressed to find a hatchback that's this much fun. Excitement called. And we answered.





View the 2016 Capilano Volkswagen Tiguan in North Vancouver, British Columbia

2016 Capilano Volkswagen


The Tiguan is unlike any other SUV on the road, which is a fancy way of saying it's a lot of fun to drive.





View the 2016 Capilano Volkswagen Touareg in North Vancouver, British Columbia

2016 Capilano Volkswagen


If you've ever wondered what happens when quality refinement is refined even further, the Touareg is your answer.





View the 2016 Capilano Volkswagen Beetle in North Vancouver, British Columbia

2016 Capilano Volkswagen


A trendsetter since its inception, the Beetle is as fun as it is iconic – and it's definitely both. Its distinctive shape and refined feel make for a ride as unique as the driver.


View the 2016 Capilano Volkswagen Passat in North Vancouver, British Columbia

2016 Capilano Volkswagen

The new 2016 Passat combines a sophisticated, professional aesthetic with practical flexibility. It's the perfect ride for business 9 to 5 and family 24/7.


View the 2016 Capilano Volkswagen Golf in North Vancouver, British Columbia2016 Capilano Volkswagen

It may run on fuel, but the Golf is driven by spontaneity. The tight handling, great performance and refined craftsmanship will set you on your way. The rest of the way is up to you.

Certified Pre-owned and Gently Used Vehicles for Sale in North Shore Vancouver, British Columbia
If you’re interested in pre-owned cars, make sure you check our used Volkswagen inventory! If you see a pre-owned VW you like, please contact us to make sure we still have it in stock, as our used VW inventory changes often. Capilano Volkswagen isn't just your certified Volkswagen Dealership! They are also the host of an assortment of reputable used cars for sale or finance in British Columbia! Maybe you’re thinking of trading in your well maintained vehicle for an upgrade? Or simply do not have the need for your vehicle any longer? Whatever the case maybe, bring your used car into Capilano Volkswagen for an inspection and an assessment. You can apply trade credits to your New Volkswagen! Capilano ensures all pre-owned vehicles taken in are thoroughly tested with our Volkswagen 112-Point inspection by a certified VW factory trained engineer. If you don’t find the pre-owned Volkswagen model you are looking for, or maybe it’s not in the color you want? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to find it for you.

Volkswagen Genuine Original Parts
Our Volkswagen Parts department offers all the Volkswagen accessories that you may want to personalize your new Volkswagen. Genuine VW accessories are designed to fit your new Volkswagen with precision and offer the protection or personal touch you may be looking for. VW parts are durable, last longer and are made with the specification needed for your Volkswagen to operate for its best performance. Check out Capilano Volkswagen's VW parts specials in British Columbia. Capilano also carries plenty of VW merchandise and VW accessories such as Volkswagen Monster Mats, wiper blades, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players, USB attachments, spring coils, VW batteries, Volkswagen travel mugs, VW hats, VW toques, Volkswagen jackets, spring coats, winter jackets, Volkswagen key chains and plenty of other accessories and merchandise! Check out our end of season sales, where we offer discounts on merchandise coming off the shelves! Contact our Volkswagen Parts Department in your Volkswagen North Shore specialist.


North Vancouver VW and Car Finder Form
Looking for something specific?If you don't see the color or options that you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and the availability of what you are looking for will never be an issue. We are here to assist you in finding the perfect vehicle for you. To get an idea of what you are looking for, call (604) 985-0694 and one of our highly qualified Sales Consultants would be more than happy to assist you. Why not selling your car to Capilano VW?


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